Who We Are & What We Do Matters

Agilis is a national donations processing and fulfillment company, dedicated to meeting the unique needs of nonprofit organizations requiring customized services.  We provide specialized lockbox services, donations and document processing, data capture, data customization for file upload, direct database lookup and donor account maintenance, and acknowledgement and fulfillment services.  We provide solutions for nonprofit organizations throughout the United States.  Located in America’s heartland, we truly have a heart for the work of the nonprofit organizations with whom we have the privilege of partnering.

Our area of expertise is helping organizations who are desiring a partner open to providing best practices for their unique lockbox services and donations processing needs.



We get it. Those back office stressors your team faces are a challenge. The good news is, Agilis can help.  We offer lockbox services, partnering with banks to deposit the funds in a seamless and auditable process to ease the pressure from your finance department.  There are many facets to nonprofit donation processing that occur in addition to making sure the thoughtful donations reach your mission.  Donor care for retention is the ultimate goal of our processing.

Donors are each unique in their own way and our team partners to become an extension of your team in an effort to ensure donor requests are not overlooked. Just as each donor is different so is each nonprofit.  Agilis integrates your current processes with streamlined lockbox services to provide a process that is consistent, scalable and cost-effective.  


Little compares to the thoughtfulness we feel when we are thanked or recognized for a gesture.  Through the fulfillment services Agilis provides, you have the opportunity to extend this recognition and good feeling to your donors.  At times, the donor may be looking to add a little more to their donation by honoring or memorializing someone close to them.  Agilis understands the importance of these requests and the need for accuracy with these items. 

While acknowledgement of a gift is a large part of our fulfillment services we also recognize that your team may have other needs in the fulfillment area.  As donors are always looking to learn more about the organizations they support, Agilis can assist in being sure literature reaches donors when requested.  For those times a donor is looking for something a little more than a thank you letter, Agilis also offers premium and product fulfillment.  


Agilis understands the need for security: both with your donor’s financial data, as well as their personal information. Physical security as well as data security is top of mind in every move Agilis makes serving you.  We have a secure facility which requires employee badge access and all visitors are logged, escorted and supplied with visitor identification.

Additional security includes remote alarm monitoring and video surveillance.  Additionally, Agilis undergoes an annual SSAE-16 SOC 1 Type 2 Audit to ensure the data we keep, and the facilities where we operate, are secure and industry compliant. 


Accuracy of donor data goes hand in hand with donor retention.  Our teams strive to meet a 99% data integrity rate.  To comply with this standard Agilis continually performs audits of donations processing.

As each nonprofit is unique, so are the audits performed as Agilis creates custom processes for each client based on their organization’s needs.  


We’ve said this once, and we’ll say it again: Agilis handles every beat of your nonprofit with care.

From the moment we partner with your organization, Agilis takes the utmost care in processing and protecting the generosity of your donors.

The information above explains the dedication we have to each of these vital functions, but in the end, it’s the heart of your generous donors that truly drives us to serve you and your organization with pride and optimism.