Company Overview

Agilis is a national lockbox/caging and fulfillment company, dedicated to meeting the unique needs of nonprofit organizations and other organizations requiring customized services. We provide specialized multi-channel donations, remittance and document processing; data capture, direct entry, conversion, file upload and integration services; and acknowledgement and fulfillment services; along with escrow services. Currently we provide solutions for more than 45 nonprofit organizations throughout the United States. Located in America's heartland, we truly have a heart for the work of the nonprofit organizations we partner with.

Our name defines who we are - agilis is the Latin root word for agile. Literally translated, it means "quick, alert, nimble, flexible." Our expertise lies in helping organizations that find themselves needing a processing partner flexible enough to meet their complex set of business rules. Agilis has come alongside organizations with as few as 5,000 donations per year to as many as 3.7 million transactions yearly, providing the most cost-effective and efficient process possible. Because flexibility is our trademark and focus, we customize our systems and processes for the specific requirements of each of our clients.